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Disease registries and health outcomes are continuous and systematic collection of information from all individuals in a specific population for whom a specific disease or health event has been identified.



• Establishing Disease registries and health outcomes programs in priority subject of the country

• Utilizing the results of disease registries to produce evidence and improve the country's health services and development of quantitative and qualitative medical science research



• Create registry programs in priority subject of the health system

• Participation of all universities in the country in the creation and operation of the registry program

• Increasing national and international collaboration in health research

• Increase cross-sectoral collaboration at the Ministry of Health and universities

• Modeling the management of registry programs in international level, and in particular neighboring countries

• Increase research biobanks linked to disease registry programs

• Standardize and enhance the quality of management and disease registries data

• Provide credible evidence for health policy and planning at the national and university level

• Increasing basic science, health and clinical research based on data generated by health system

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